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Captain Ramazan was born in Turkey in 1974. He planned a career in the maritime industry from a young age. Attending the Maritime Colleges in Antalya and then Istanbul, he passed all qualifications with flying colours. Following military duty, his expert knowledge saw Ramazan progress into the world of luxury yacht charter. Over the last 15 years, he has captained a variety of yachts, ranging from 19m to 50m, cruising globally and providing him with extensive experience. Friendly, family-oriented and a diligent Captain, Ramazan was heading up the team on board 50 meters sailing yacht MEIRA for the 2018 summer season, of which central agent was Ocean Independence so that he well experienced with MYBA terms charter knowledge and then end of 2018 summer season he started leading on newly constructed luxury yacht ALL ABOUT U since then he has been on board and ready to ensuring guests have a truly memorable holiday. Ramazan speaks Turkish, English, German and basic Russian.

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Chief Mate


Having originally graduated from Maritime College, Turkish-born Mert gained his Watch Keeping Officer Certificate. Mert was born in 1996 and has worked on the various yachts, such as CYSSUSS, M/Y SMYRNA for almost seven years. He has built up a wealth of working experience from his young ages. Mert is looking forward to a busy season ahead and working alongside the ALL ABOUT U team members. He speaks Turkish and English.

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With Mechanical engineering as a career goal, Turkish-born Sinan educated at Yıldız Technical University. He is 37 years old and already has more than ten years of yachting experience. With the reference of M/Y PANAKEIA, M/Y ARUNA ECE, his superb experience has provided excellent knowledge to progress into the world of private yachting, and he is looking forward to his second season onboard ALL ABOUT U. With his patient disposition and wide-ranging ability, Sinan is an asset to the team. He speaks Turkish and English.

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Rib Master


Turkish-born Enis has been working in yachting for over ten years and has been a valuable crew member on board AFRODITI, PAPA JOE, DOLCE MARE and MEIRA. He is looking forward to furthering his established knowledge and gaining more experience while sailing onboard ALL ABOUT U. With his well-developed skills, welcoming nature and superb ability, Enis is an asset to the team. He speaks Turkish and English.

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Murat is 25 years old, and he has been working in the maritime industry for almost eight years. He has been working on a variety of VIP yachts from 30 meters to 50 meters such as M/Y DR. NO. NO., M/Y ORIENT STAR, M/Y MERK. His various high-class service experience makes him a valuable part of the All ABOUT U team. He is willing to improve himself and establish new knowledge in his second season onboard ALL ABOUT U. Murat speaks Turkish and English.

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Şafak is 25 years old and has been working in the maritime industry for some nine years. He was part of the crew on board GLORIOUS, S/Y REGINA, and has chartered through the Mediterranean and Caribbeans which has given him a wealth of experience with international charter areas. He is also keen to further his established knowledge while working onboard ALL ABOUT U. His easy-going manner, and attention to details make him a valuable member of the team. Şafak speaks Turkish and English.

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Ünal is an experienced and talented chef, bringing to ALL ABOUT U a great repertoire of gastronomic delights for guests to enjoy. His culinary knowledge is extensive - having received his Chef’s certificate and gathered experience in a variety of luxury restaurants and luxury yachts for 12 years. Of particular note, he specializes Turkish and Italian cuisines, and he makes delicious desserts. Always keen to find new, fresh ingredients for innovation, cooking is his true passion. Ünal’s friendly nature and creative ability ensure he is a popular member of the crew. He speaks Turkish and English.

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Chief Stewardess


Turkish-born Burcu is 29 years old. After her graduation from Galatasaray University, she started working in the yachting industry. She has developed her sea-legs working for the last eight years as a stewardess on a variety of VIP charter yachts such as M/S Infinity, M/S Çakır Yıldız, M/Y Destiny, M/Y Julem, M/Y Ilaria. Always working to a high standard, Burcu has superb service awareness and a wonderfully welcoming personality. Burcu speaks Turkish and English.

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Having graduated from the Anatolian University, Ersin started working in the service industry. He has worked on a variety of VIP luxury yachts as well as pubs & restaurants that include Sailors Pub, GLORIOUS, and GRANDENJOY. Organized and efficient, he prides himself on delivering top-level service to guests in a seamless fashion. With his great knowledge of service, Ersin will ensure the smooth running of ALL ABOUT U’s interior. He speaks Turkish and English.

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Tuğba is 28 years old and Turkish born. She studied Yachting management at Yalova University. Since her graduation, she has been working in the luxury yachting industry for over six years. She has crewed onboard yachts such as MELO-3, ZEUGMA an AQUARIUS. Her attention to detail is exceptional, with great experience in-room service, attention to guest’s needs and her welcoming behaviours are outstanding. Tuğba speaks Turkish and English.

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